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Software development services. 

Your next software.


Triman is specialized in the development of custom business software and web applications.

Hiring a Triman-team gives you immediate access not only to a lot of skills but also to another level of efficiency we have matured in the last 20 years.

We develop your next software

From your Idea to a functioning software, we are here to help you realize your software application. Our competences cover UX-Design, Requirement Engineering, Business Analysis, Front-End development, Back-End development, DevOps, Cloud computing and more.

We have more than 20 years of experience.


We can extend your team

If you are in control of the project, but you miss some skill or workforce, you can hire a part of our team. Our personnel is based in Switzerland.



UX (User Experience) is decisive for the success of your software. We help design your software so that your user's needs are satisfied, and working with your software is fun and intuitive.



A working software nowadays is most of the time a distributed solution, meaning that the solution involves many components working on different machines spread over the network.

Clean software architecture and smart technology-choices grant for long term reliability and the capacity to adapt to change.

If you need help choosing the right architecture and technology, our consultants will help you.


Agility coaching

Agile Software Development is a set of principles and practices developed over time to improve software quality and development productivity.  Since 2010 every project developed with us has been realized by applying this knowledge and further improved our expertise on how to succeed in demanding software projects. If you have a project team motivated to improve, we would share our expertise and help in the process of learning how to do software better.




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